Q-up AutoLoader

Q-up AutoLoader

Q-up AutoLoader—everything is routine

Parallel and automated execution of test data on as many systems as you like?
Only Q-up AutoLoader can do that

  • Image Verteilung von AutoLoader-Dateien

    Deploy—identical test data to all your branch offices

  • Beispiel Skalierung von Testdaten

    Scale—simultaneous editing of x-times instances for higher performance

  • Illustration Revisionssicherheit

    Auditing acceptability—no manipulations or falsifications

Play it safe

Q-up AutoLoader enables you to separate test data creation from test data provisioning. You cannot modify a pre-created project at a later stage. This ensures assurance of proof and reproducibility of your test data while excluding safety gaps.

Copy Q-up AutoLoader projects to as many systems as you like and run them without any installation—also in parallel or automatically. You can then initiate data provisioning from a host of applications and test management systems.

Overview of service characteristics

You can export any Q-up-project from Q-up-Studio to AutoLoader.

Then deploy this AutoLoader export to any target system by simply copying it without having to install Q-up-components any target systems. Once started, the system will run exactly the test data generation that was created in Q-up Studio.

In addition, you can easily integrate an AutoLoader export with your test management or test automation tools—clearing the path to seamless integration of test data provisioning.
Provisioning configuration files for an AutoLoader export increases your level of flexibility—you can then control any data provisioning on your target system.
Similarly you can easily prevent subsequent changes to provisioned test data by reducing the configuration options—outside a configuration, it is not possible to modify provisioned AutoLoader test data.

AutoLoader is a component of the Q-up full version and licensed on a per-use case.

Please see the Q-up release plan for updates of the current version and upcoming version levels.