Release Notes Version 1.1

New features in version 1.1

Handle installation and configuration more quickly and easier

  • Installation and Configuration contains detailed information about system requirements, installation and configuration.

Robust creation of data models for deals
Check function for the data model, improved error handling and direct feedback.

Quick find also at many test data
Search Tags, IDs, test cases.

Simpler and reusable integration of test automation tools.

  • Leave plain text names to orders.
  • Changes at a central location.
  • Exchange of test data without changing the test automation.

Fast reproduction the order history
Orders have a production date and time.

Fast coupling and integration into your test process
Plain text field for entering references to your test cases

Fast coupling and integration into your release cycles
Plain text field for entering Releases.

Fast coupling and integration to your individual classification
Free text field for entering tags.

More robust and faster readability of identifkators
GUIDs were replaced by integer IDs.

Fast derivation and maintenance of services by reusing the global data model for deals

  • Central Reservation aspects.
  • Reusable entities

Robustness against faulty operation – more safe
Confirm the order process.

Increased comfort, easier operation

  • Adaptation / widening of the layouts, layout uses window width
  • Adapting the admin interface