Release Notes Version 2.0

New features in version 2.0

Unlimited sharing of test data generation

  • Because of the elimination of the site license beginning with the Professional license the new licensing system allows the disclosure of Autoloader exports to testers, serviceer
  • whomever you want

Immediately and quick generation of data for databases or SAP BAPI

  • All Database Wizard are includet from the Professional license at no additional cost.

Simple maintenance of test data template and the integrated test data language through the debugger

  • Accelerating project creation.
    – Improved analytical capabilities in case of faulty test data generation.
    – Live-tracking processes.
    – Each time the track of your variables.
    – Complete control over program procedures.

Start data generation quickly and directly by starting job with a click

  • Improved control over data generation during project creation.
  • Comfortable project start.
  • Avoiding the execution of unwanted orders.

Have a small project ready quickly

  • The new type of  project, the base project, enables in two clicks a Q-up project with contract and template

Synthesizing valid credit card numbers without a background

  • Out of the Box creation of valid credit card numbers for major credit card providers

Precision by millisecond-precise timing

  • The pauses in the clocked data generation can be adjusted accurately in milliseconds.

Increased transparency of the menus

  • Export via autoloader as a separate menu item

Custom constants

  • Before: All user-specific function constants had to be maintained in all projects in which they have been used.

  • New: One definition and maintenance at a central location.

Leaner logging, Important better view

  • Optimization of the message output by sacrificing warning with zero reps